Transforming Talent Delivery with a Culture-Centric Approach

Manage HR Magazine Recognizes Calculated Hire as the Top Staff Augmentation Services Provider for 2023

Talent delivery firms are indispensable allies in the relentless pursuit of top-tier resources, which organizations ardently seek to secure a decisive advantage in the competitive market. However, thanks to advancements in technology and an overemphasis on output, the industry has slowly developed a reputation for being transactional. Within this highly competitive industry, Calculated Hire stands out among these entities, not just for its accomplishments but for its transformative approach to talent acquisition.

Unlike its competitors that have been heavily investing in AI technology to improve the speed and efficiency of their delivery processes, Calculated Hire insists that the future of its operations will and always has been focused on the human-to-human connection. The firm embarked on its voyage two decades ago with a commitment to taking a relationship-focused approach to its internal employees, clients, and consultants. Its mission revolves around adapting its service offerings to the unique challenges of its clients with the understanding that the one-size-fits-all approach of others can seriously impact critical factors like cultural fit and talent retention.

“Guided by the core values of service, family, grit, and passion, we prioritize people over profits. What distinguishes us is our commitment to placing relationships at the core of every interaction" - Ross Kathman, President of Calculated Hire.

As a self-described “human capital service firm”, Calculated Hire focuses on supporting the traditional sectors that shape the modern business panorama, encompassing teams in Marketing and Creative, HR and Operations, Sales and Customer Experience, as well as Accounting, Finance, and Compliance. Calculated Hire relies on its culture-centric approach to meticulously design innovative human capital strategies within these areas. It implements these solutions through three principal talent procurement offerings— Experience-Driven Staffing, Professional Services, and its most unique offering, its workforce transformation program, Elevate.

When it comes to experience-driven staffing, Calculated Hire prides itself on being hands-on and proactive. Surpassing traditional skill matching, the firm collaborates with clients to offer effective management, training, coaching, cultural integration, and capability assessment. “We truly screen for attitude and aptitude, over just what the resume is going to say” explains Kathman. This “calculated” delivery ensures not only the right talent but also the right culture fit to seamlessly integrate resources into a client’s ecosystem.

The company also incorporates this relationship-focused strategy into its professional services to provide a combination of advisory and consultancy expertise, incorporating flexibility in projects of varying magnitudes, durations, and budgets. Clients benefit from the strategic roadmaps and execution assistance offered by three distinct engagement models—advisory and consulting for high-level guidance, execution through project and product teams, and on-shore maintenance and optimization. A crucial aspect of Calculated Hire’s process is devising human capital strategies that contribute to a client’s long-term success while still addressing their immediate needs.

“Our Professional Services line brings expertise, ownership, and execution to our customers to solve high-impact challenges. We work hand in hand with our customers to understand their project initiatives and build a resource solution tailored to their specific needs.” - Sean Bingham, Vice President of Calculated Hire.

However, if there’s one offering that truly epitomizes Calculated Hire’s commitment to the individuals it serves, it’s the workforce transformation program Elevate. Clients invest in Elevate to upskill talent, build future leaders, and provide access to strategic pipelines that address skill gaps, foster diversity, and formulate robust succession plans.

“Elevate is more of a passion project than it is a service offering. It’s our true differentiator and is also how we have organically grown our own company for the last twenty-three years and counting. Our clients love it because we identify, train, and nurture the leaders of tomorrow.” - Robert Bauscher, Vice President

These talent pools comprise diverse individuals from underrepresented communities, including recent university and boot camp graduates, reskilled professionals, and US Veterans. Unlike most “work and learn” initiatives, Elevate goes a step further in its professional development with a strong emphasis on fostering a diverse and welcoming workplace that embraces a rich tapestry of cultural backgrounds and perspectives. Through this holistic strategy, Calculated Hire can improve retention and diversify workforces. Clients are even able to convert Elevate consultants into full-time employees upon graduation from the program at no additional cost.

A great example of the impact that these unique talent pipelines, and Calculated Hire’s commitment to social responsibility, has on the communities it serves can be seen in Project Patriot—a specialized initiative under Elevate dedicated to advocating for U.S. military Veterans. The program offers reskilling opportunities to facilitate the modernization of complementary skill sets and enable substantial career transitions. In addition to being a valuable professional resource to Veterans, Project Patriot also provides the framework for a more personal support network during this challenging transition.

In a landscape where expedited solutions often eclipse the human touch, Calculated Hire is a testament to the enduring power of empathy, collaboration, and innovation. The firm offers more than talent delivery; it orchestrates transformative human capital strategies that help its clients stay ahead of their competition. Calculated Hire continues to redefine talent delivery by prioritizing people and proving that the human element is at the core of corporate success.

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This story was reposted from Manage HR Magazine’s “December 2023 – Staff Augmentation Edition” ISSN 2832-3572. Click here to view the publication in its original form.


Paul Schiffman