Experience-Driven Staffing

Making Your Experiences Exponentially Better.

We’ll help you meet your objectives with the best and brightest out there.

At Calculated Hire, we’re redefining the staffing industry’s status by focusing on people first, disrupting the outdated practices of the past. Our model is dedicated to enhancing the consultant and client experience through personalized support and face-to-face interactions, increasing quality of work, retention, and results.


Engagement & Retention

Building trust and lasting relationships with our consultants. Pre- and post-placement support ensure they finish their assignments — and finish them well.


Thorough candidate screening processes brings you the highest level of talent while saving you time.

Innovation & Intelligence

We learn your goals, bringing ideas and insights on how to accomplish them in a competitive marketplace.

Tech With Touch

Technology makes our partnership more efficient but does not define it. From screening to performance evaluation, tools make us better without sacrificing your experience.

Our Focus

We build connections, foster creative thinking, and discover new ways to take talent delivery to the next level—because business is just the beginning.

here's where we shine: