A fresh, flexible, different approach to hiring.

At Calculated Hire, we’ve taken recruiting for accounting and finance to a brand new level. For starters, we take the time to understand your company and your working environment. We make certain candidates come to the table, not only with the skills you require, but also with personalities that fit your particular culture. At Calculated Hire, we do our homework, so we have the expertise to actually recommend someone, rather than send a bunch of resumes your way. We know who is a good fit, and who isn’t, so we don’t waste a moment of your time.

We don’t just fill titles; we find talent.

You can count on Calculated Hire to find candidates as carefully as we would to fill a position in our own company. As a sister company of the well-known and highly respected Brooksource, we offer a solid 15 year track record of successful placements and experience. In fact, the tenure of our own Calculated Hire employees leads our industry. When we do fill your position, we understand the importance of flexibility in our partnership with you. We know that expediency counts. Our relationships are long lasting, because we approach them that way.

Like you, our passion for people drives our culture. Our team has the energy, the creativity and the expertise to find professionals with the skills and experience to excel in their roles. People you’ll be proud to represent you. In fact, Calculated Hire is just the kind of recruiting firm your company deserves.

Work with Calculated Hire, and you work with people you trust.

Calculated Hire can handle the most complex Fortune 500 engagement to the next generation of your A&F department. And we offer specialized placement services on a contract (temporary or project based,) contract- to-hire or direct hire basis. Give us a call today. You’ll be surprised what our fresh approach can do for your accounting and finance department.

Calculated Hire. Delivering Accounting and Finance Professionals.