By 2025, the public sector will face the largest group of retirement-eligible civil servants in decades. This impending dilemma further emphasizes the need for succession planning and innovative workforce solutions. As a human capital services firm that caters to both our SLED and Federal partners as well as all levels of government contractors, we are well-equipped to tackle the unique challenges of the public sector. With an emphasis on strategic workforce solutions and the ability to drive costs down, we are your trusted long-term partner for delivering civil and professional services.

Financial Management

Administrative Services & Management

Sales Team as a Service

Customer Experience

Human Resources & Talent Acquisition

Workforce Solutions

Financial Management

Organizations serving the public sector and government institutions alike are increasingly prioritizing the optimization of their funding. Here at Calculated Hire, we understand that financial management goes beyond fiscal responsibility and regulatory compliance. Our national network of financial and compliance resources will help you modernize your capabilities, improve transparency, and take a proactive approach to financial success and stability.

Financial & Budgetary Analysis

Transformative Accounting Services

Streamline Grant Management

Audits & ESG Disclosure

Compliance & Regulatory Support

Administrative Services & Management

Administrative support is the backbone of any public sector organization or operation. Whether you need teams of qualified experts or a single specialized resource, our adaptive solutions are tailored to your unique needs to keep operations moving smoothly and efficiently. This calculated approach modernizes standard delivery to ensure long-term retention and improved workload capacity.


Executive & Admin Assistants

Data Entry & Clerical Services

Grant Admins

Project & Program Management

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Coding

Sales Team as a Service

Whether you are looking to infiltrate the public sector or are a federal integrator striving to increase your existing footprint, your expansion efforts heavily rely on strategic business development. Before you can gain access to a wide range of contract opportunities, you need to understand the countless nuances of the government marketplace. From choosing the right contract vehicle to scaling experienced sales resources, Calculated Hire is well-equipped to support your sales efforts.

GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contracts Advisory

Sales Leaders & Executives

Schedule Sales Query Plus Discovery

Sales as a Service

Federal Procurement Channel Navigation

Proposal Creation & Management

Customer Experience (CX)

A smooth customer experience is vital to the success of any organization. However, advancements in technology and innovations from the private sector have significantly elevated the level of customer support that citizens now expect from the public sector. Across the nation, Calculated Hire is helping government institutions build in-house teams of customer service experts to meet these growing demands.

Unemployment Offices

Crisis Hotlines & Emergency Response

Retention Building & Workforce Transformation

Child Support Services

Insurance & Adjudicators


Human Resources & Talent Acquisition

When we say “Talent Delivery, Modernized” we are not just talking about our national delivery network and holistic professional development programs. Our innovative services are designed to build your workforce, improve culture, and increase retention. Take advantage of Calculated Hire’s strategic partnerships and equip your organization with the delivery resources you need to scale with purpose.

Talent Acquisition & Coordination

Procurement & Contract Specialists

Capture Managers

HR Assistants

Proposal Writers & Managers

Workforce Transformation: Elevate

Workforce Solutions

It is no secret that the growing number of retirement-eligible public servants and increased competition from the private sector for niche resources pose quite a challenge to building and supporting your workforce. As a leader in Workforce Transformation, Calculated Hire has customizable solutions that will help you pipeline and reskill emerging talent to fit your ever-changing needs.

Workforce Planning Advisory & Consultation

Customized Apprenticeship Solutions

Cultural Enrichment Programs

Employee Retention Strategies

Meet Daniel Florer

Government - National Vertical Manager

I have dedicated my career to assisting our Public Sector clients in overcoming their many unique challenges. Although our offerings have evolved over the years, the opportunity to impact communities throughout the country with our innovative services is still a driving motivator! By taking a culture-centric approach to our partnerships, we can modernize your team and tackle complex initiatives. Whether you’re interested in learning more about our areas of focus, industry trends, or how Calculated Hire can support your agency, I look forward to collaborating!