Supporting our Veterans by Providing Opportunities to Impact America’s Workforce.

Project Patriot is our Veteran consulting program that works to introduce/reintroduce Veterans and their spouses into the civilian workforce through training, coaching, and job search assistance. Our objective is to use our experience and expertise to support those who have selflessly given so much to our country, providing access to opportunities they may not have found otherwise, while educating enterprise clients and giving them the chance to work with this untapped talent pool.

How Clients Benefit

U.S. Veterans possess a variety of qualities—grit, focus, passion, attention to detail, loyalty—that thrive in team-oriented environments and can be invaluable to your current project needs. Project Patriot can be used as a stand-alone program or can complement current Veteran hiring initiatives.

How Veterans Benefit

Career Advising

We identify career paths, industries, companies, and specific jobs which leverage your personality and professional skillset.

Resume Building

We provide consultations to help you build strong, eloquent resumes, showcasing your talents, hard and soft skills, and objectives.

Job Search/Interview Coaching

We’ll help you find the ideal workplace in which you’ll thrive, while also using proven interview techniques to help you prepare and put your best foot forward.

Salary Resources

We know market rates and negotiation tactics, and we’ll use this knowledge to help you secure a competitive salary grade for your experience and skillset.