Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment (TME)

In the fast-paced world of Telecommunications, Media, and Entertainment, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. These industries are constantly evolving with technological advancements, changing consumer preferences, and the need for innovative content delivery. Streaming services, vMPVDs, bundling deals, etc. are shaping the way consumers access and engage with content, but are you making the right internal changes to keep up with it all? Here at Calculated Hire, we understand that Media and Entertainment organizations influence the culture of the world in the same way that culture influences the success and efficiency of your business. This is why we take a cultural-centric approach with our services to ensure true growth and satisfaction.


Sales & Business Development

Customer Experience

Finance & Accounting

Legal & Compliance

Creative & Design


With the fierce competition in the telecommunications market, companies are actively hiring marketing experts to promote their services, acquire new customers, and retain existing ones. Calculated Hire provides niche resources with dynamic expertise to develop and execute innovative strategies without sacrificing project-based knowledge retention.

Digital Marketing

Paid & Organic Social Media

Publicity, Public, & Talent Relations

Content Curation

Media Performance

Product Management & Development

Growth & Brand Strategy

Consumer/Audience Analytics & Insights

Sales & Business Development

Sales and Business development plays a vital role in securing partnerships, sponsorships, direct sales, and distribution deals. With so much of your revenue generation depending on a quality salesforce that properly represents your brand, your success depends on top-of-the-line talent. This is why our Workforce Transformation and Sales Team as a Service programs pair niche talent with professional development support to help you scale quickly.

Account Management

Business Development

Distribution Partnerships

Retail & Call Center Salesforce

Ad Sales & Operations

Content Acquisition

Customer Experience (CX)

As customer satisfaction becomes a key differentiator in the Telecommunications industry, there's a growing need for customer service representatives. These professionals handle inquiries, resolve issues, and ensure a positive CX. Calculated Hire supports team buildouts to address long-term retention and acquisition planning, in addition to providing niche consulting expertise for strategic advancement.

Teams as a Service (TaaS)

Contact Center Management

Attrition & Growth Support

UX/UI Strategy & Design

Change Management & Learning Development

Finance & Accounting

Financial stability is essential for the sustainability of any organization, especially those in the highly volatile and regulated TME industry. Calculated Hire’s adaptable staff augmentation services provide support allocated within defined timelines and right-to-hire trial engagements. Ensuring you qualified support during peak financial seasons and the freedom of scalable resources.

Analytics & Optimization

Financial Controls

Operational Accounting & Payroll Services

Risk Management

Accounts Payable & Receivable

Tax & Treasury

Legal & Compliance

TME organizations navigate complex legal landscapes and need experienced professionals to help maintain stability through it all. Our regulatory affairs and legal specialists go beyond simply ensuring compliance by taking a proactive approach to risk management, contracts, and copyright laws. We worry about the red tape and free you to focus on growing your business!

Content Rights

Contract Negotiations & Management

Licensing & Compliance

Regulatory Affairs

Copyright & Intellectual Properties Protection

Data & ESG Governance

Creative & Design

In the telecommunications, media, and entertainment industries, creative and design positions are crucial for developing compelling content, enhancing user experiences, and maintaining a strong visual brand identity. Our expansive creative bench provides top-of-the-line resources who are well-versed in the latest trends and technologies.

Creative & Art Direction

Graphic Design

UX/UI & Web Design

Multimedia Design & Animation

Audio & Visual Design

Virtual & Augmented Reality Design

Pre & Post-Production

Meet Nikki Ehlers

Telecom, Media, & Entertainment - National Vertical Manager

Being local to New York City has allowed me to immerse myself in the Telecommunications industry as I have developed resourcing expertise within both technical and non-technical roles. The rapid growth of the Media & Entertainment industry has always attracted my attention, so I am excited to be leading the charge in helping our clients stay ahead of the many new opportunities that technology and content advancements present. As we focus on streamlining our clients’ operations and processes, as well as obtaining the resources needed to thrive in a highly competitive and interconnected industry, we're aligning our support services to model the industry's fluctuating needs!