Technical Youth is a national junior-level consulting program helping clients rejuvenate their workforce with a new wave of talent. Launched in 2000, we provide training to students, ensuring a seamless transition and continued progression as they acclimate into a professional environment. Technical Youth is a scalable solution, creating an organizational pipeline of future leaders and improving company culture.

Client Benefits

Our Technical Youth consultants come equipped with an understanding of business standards and best practices as well as technical aptitude and an eagerness to learn.

Technical Youth helps clients transform their workforce in the following ways:

  • Workforce Planning

    Prepare your organization with a solution for succession planning and intentional workforce transformation.

  • Supplemental Project Support

    Meet project deadlines and keep senior resources focused on high-level initiatives, leaving the support to us.

  • Address Talent Gaps for Niche Skill Sets

    Diversified training equips Technical Youth talent with the ability to contribute to teams in any work environment.

  • Move Talent Back Onshore

    Improve service level expectations and team collaboration by building an in-house team of junior talent to replace the need for offshored teams.

This program can stand alone or complement any current college hiring initiatives. Our ability to scale is made possible by our Technical Youth Coordinators located in our nationwide markets.

Specific focus areas include:


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Our Technical Youth Coordinators provide a variety of resources to support your transition from an educational environment to a professional setting and align your career goals. These include:


  • Career Advising

    We identify career paths, industries, companies and specific jobs that leverage your personality and skill set.

  • Resume Building

    We offer consultation to aid in building a strong resume, showcasing your hard and soft skills gained during previous education and employment.

  • Professional/Personal Development

    As your mentor, we offer transparent feedback to improve your business etiquette and industry knowledge and give you everything you need to succeed right from the start.

  • Job Search/Interview Coaching

    With our expansive knowledge of the job market, we connect you to environments in which you will thrive; we also provide proven interview techniques that ensure that you present your best self to potential employers.

  • Salary Resources

    We have a thorough understanding of market rates and negotiation tactics to help you secure the most competitive salary grade for your experience and skill set.


  • Ongoing Professional Development

    It’s our goal to help you become a well-rounded professional who shines amongst your peers, and we work with you along the way to make sure you continually excel in your new work environment.

  • Training

    It’s critical to stay ahead of the curve in an evolving industry, and we offer tools to sharpen your knowledge via training courses and educational networking opportunities.

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