Modernizing Today's Workforce with Tomorrow's Leaders.

Do you remember when you were just starting out? Searching for a job, trying to prove yourself, ensuring you found the best fit—it can sometimes feel like navigating the open ocean without knowing how to steer a boat. That's where Technical Youth comes in. We work with students and recent graduates to help them discover the path that's right for them, through training, mentorship, and professional development that will serve them throughout their careers. Our clients benefit by gaining fresh talent who can bring ambition, innovation, curiosity, and passion into their workplace, ultimately building more diverse, creative, and engaging teams.

Technical Youth offers clients scalable solutions for the modern workforce and helps young talent jumpstart their careers. Learn more about how our program can help you.

Make a Difference in Your Workplace

We'll work with you and your team to bring improvements to the following:

Address Talent Gaps for Niche Skillsets

Diversified training equips Technical Youth talent with the ability to contribute unique skills to their work environments.

Supplemental Project Support

We project deadlines and keep senior resources focused on high-level initiatives, leaving the support to us.

Move Talent Back In-House

Improve service-level expectations and team collaboration by building an in-house team of junior talent to replace the need for external resources.

Workforce Planning

Prepare your organization with a solution for succession planning and intentional workforce transformation.

Get Ready for a Career You'll Love

Entering the workforce can be difficult. We'll give you the tools you'll need to thrive, including:


Career Advising

We help identify career paths, industries, companies, and specific jobs which leverage your personality and professional skillset.

Resume Building

We provide consultations to help you build strong, eloquent resumes, showcasing your talents, hard and soft skills, and objectives.

Professional/Personal Development

We give you constructive feedback to improve your business acumen and industry knowledge, as well as provide you with the tools necessary to succeed from day one.

Job Search/Interview Coaching

We’ll help you find the ideal workplace in which you’ll thrive, while also using proven interview techniques to help you prepare and put your best foot forward.

Salary Resources

We know market rates and negotiation tactics, and we’ll use this knowledge to help you secure a competitive salary grade for your experience and skillset.


Ongoing Professional Development

We want you to continue to stand out to your employer and shine amongst your peers, so we work with you as you progress in your work environment to ensure your professional growth.


It’s important to stay in-the-know on emerging trends and industry standards. We offer training courses and educational networking opportunities to help you continue to grow and learn.